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The 4+1 Phases of Learning

I am eager to navigate the “4+1 phases of learning” with you today. This topic, central to our leadership course, particularly targets supervisors but resonates with everyone in a professional setting.

Retention Of People: How To Keep Your Statisticians – As A Supervisor

In today’s episode, Benjamin and I dive into the critical issue of retaining key team members, especially now that he has earned his promotion to Global Head of Biostatistics within PBS at CYTEL.

Global vs Local

Have you ever wondered about the complexities that arise within pharmaceutical companies due to the division between global and local operations? Why do these realms often operate with such distinct perspectives, and how do they impact our mission to deliver effective healthcare solutions globally?

How To Learn And Get Better On Your Influencing Skills

In today’s episode, I dive deep into how you can improve your influencing skills. When I talk about influencing skills, I mean all the crucial abilities you need to be effective in. It’s not just about leading teams; it’s also about how you, as a statistician, data scientist, or programmer, lead your peers and even your supervisors.

Obsession About Bias

In this insightful episode, I challenge the traditional view that bias is inherently negative by exploring its relationship with precision. Through examples ranging from indirect comparisons to subgroup analysis, I illustrate the trade-offs between reducing bias and achieving precise estimates.

Aspects of Placebo Response

Join me today as we uncover the truth behind placebo responses and explore the fascinating factors driving these responses in medical research.

Data Visualisation – A Great Topic For Building Your Reputation

In this episode, I explore why mastering data visualization is not just beneficial but essential for actively building a sterling reputation in the statistical community.

The 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team

Today, I dive into one of the most compelling facets of leadership literature, exploring insights from Patrick Lencioni’s masterwork: “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.”

Why To Be A Volunteer And How To Become One Within The Effective Statistician Community

In this episode, I explore the diverse benefits of volunteering, from expanding your network to accessing new career opportunities.

Help Your Company Know What It Knows Part 2

In this episode, I guide you through our continued journey into the challenges around handling summary statistics. Building on our previous discussions, today we dive into the transformative solutions that extend beyond just the CDISC standards.