Bonus Episode: Understanding leadership deeply – trust, relationship, and influence for statisticians – Interview with Gary Sullivan

In this second part of the interview with Gary (check here for part 1), we speak about the building blocks of leadership without authority from a statistician’s perspective. We cover questions like:

  • Is influence the same as power?
  • What is the role of trust, what are the different elements of trust and how can we improve trust being technical experts?
  • How can we build relationships at work, that help us to influence change?
  • Is influence through relationships only relevant “sideways” or also “upwards” and “downwards”?
  • How do we know, with whom we need to invest in building relationships?
  • Is there a way of assessing how good our relationships are?

We don’t stay general and speak about specific examples, including negotiations.

After listening to this episode, you will have a solid understanding of the levers of success, that is not associated with technical knowledge.

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