R and its rising role

Interview with Coline Zeballos

How does information technology help reduce the statistical margin of mistakes?
How does leadership come into play when creating programs designed to effectively manage statistical data?
How does open-source culture in informatics development in statistics help in creating innovative technology to increase research validity?
Does open-source development change the way statistical validation is treated, especially in developing new forms of health treatment?

My interview with Coline Zeballos of Roche informatics will give you an idea on how the development of Open-Source culture in developing applications that will help validate data collected for statistical research is actually changing the way medical studies are being completed and applied by pharma companies today.

Coline also shared her thoughts about internal leadership in this podcast, which will be useful not only for statisticians but for professionals in other industries as well.

Some lessons you can get from this podcast include: 

  • Using the R Strategy to improve the way teams work towards a singular focused goal.
  • Improving how teams are directed and delegated in tasks where they can perform best.
  • Using internal leadership alignment to help key persons become more effective in their assigned posts.

Head on to the podcast, listen to our conversation, learn more about effective developments in informatics and how they change the culture of statistics.

Share this with your peers and we hope to give you inspiration as we gear ourselves towards more efficient modern statistical developments now and in the future for better data utilization.

Coline Zeballos

R Strategy Lead at RocheProfile photo of Coline Zeballos

She has worked for GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare and Zurich Insurance Group, learned Data Science with Python for businesses, led the business development in Switzerland of BAMBOO Tec, a data analytics company based in Switzerland and Bolivia.

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Do you want to boost your career as a statistician in the health sector? Our podcast helps you to achieve this by teaching you relevant knowledge about all the different aspects of becoming a more effective statistician.

Today, she continues her professional journey supporting Roche in its major shift towards a more automated, efficient way of getting drugs on the market thanks to a language-agnostic mindset and set of tools for data scientists and biostatisticians.

What she enjoys the most is working with people from different backgrounds and bringing such interdisciplinary teams to their best performance. She especially appreciates making the link between data science and business needs. Her work is based on a strong collaboration between functions that she drives with subtlety, as well as a great ability to simplify complex environments.

Throughout the years, she has acquired skills such as agile business development, project management, team management, leadership, data science, interactive data visualization, accelerating decision-making with data analytics tools, and data storage.

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