Leaders are persistent

What makes persistence one of the most important factors of being a leader?
How does persistence among leaders in statistics affect the results of their work?
How could persistence translate into understandable and actionable results?
How can a persistent leader drive change?
How does clear vision help leaders develop persistence in reaching their goals?

Even in the face of difficult barriers, a persistent leader does not give up. This short but rich conversation between Gary and me introduces the meaning of leadership and how persistence shapes its value. Looking into the examples of Martin Luther King and Ernest Hemingway, this podcast will teach you how history proves that persistence among leaders goes a long way in promoting change and development across the globe.

Learn from Gary and me as we talk about persistence and how it can make leadership among statisticians more effective.

Here are some key lessons you can learn from this episode:

  • Persistence helps break the barriers between statisticians and their stakeholders
  • With the right persistence, clinical research can lead to remarkable changes in healthcare
  • Persistent leadership drives more effective results that bring efficient adjustments
  • With persistence comes conviction, making every leaders statistician be convincing enough to bring people to act upon the changes

Head on to the podcast, share with your friends and colleagues, and learn more from this podcast today.

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