Chats with Jenn: Embracing Vulnerability And Leading With Courage

Today’s episode is an extract from my interview with Jenn Fenwick, who’s also a podcaster like me and we talk about my career and leadership.

This is a fun chat where we talk about navigating fear, opening ourselves up to vulnerability and making courageous decisions… oh and Beyoncé gets a mention too!  

This is a gem of an episode, jam-packed with insights and tips for everyone, including the following topics:

  • Leading without the job title; how to influence cross-functional teams
  • How he overcame the fear of public speaking
  • How to build and manage a virtual team
  • Creative thinking in an analytical discipline
  • Being comfortable with not being the expert as a leader
  • The power of storytelling; the stories we tell others… and ourselves!
  • Why you need to be conscious about how you start your day

Listen to this insightful episode and share this with your friends and colleagues!

Here’s the link to the complete episode on Jenns podcast:

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Jenn Fenwick

Founder and Leadership Coach at Rebel Road Coaching & Onboarding Ltd

Coaching is a powerful tool and I love being a secret weapon, supporting leaders accelerate their transitions and step up to the next level. I work with STEM leaders across the globe to confidently navigate the complexities (and anxieties) that come with career transitions and change. I remove the “noise” and overwhelm from the busy-ness of modern life, so leaders can focus on what is important, their growth and development. My leadership transition and onboarding programmes are both supportive and challenging, and my clients find the process hugely empowering.

Where to find Jenn:

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