Getting things done through others is a key part or even the definition of leadership and her clients face often the same situation as statisticians. They need to convince people rather than command them.

In this episode, we have our first non-statistician as a guest. Julia has built her own consulting and training company Zestfor. She and her team specialise in developing Training programmes and resources scientifically tailored for technical markets – including Pharmaceutical, IT, and Life.

In this episode, we cover the following topics:

  • Why do statisticians need to be more influential?
  • Is influencing actually something bad on inappropriate?
  • What characterizes an influential person?
  • Which practices help statisticians increase their influence?
  • Many statisticians are more introverted. How can they deal with more extrovert business partners from other functions?
  • Relationships are key for influencing without authority. Trust is key to building these relationships. What can statisticians do, to generate more trust?
  • Networking is another aspect of building relationships. What actions to take to build networks?
  • Many of us work in virtual settings to some extent. This poses additional barriers to influencing others as it is much harder to be heard and understood. Which techniques can we apply to overcome these hurdles?

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Marius Sieverding

Senior Statistician II – HTA Biostatistics

Marius is a Biostatistician and Scientist with an background in Statistical Programmer, Environmental Science (M.Sc) and Epidemiology (M.Sc).

Through his career path, he gained experience as Senior Statistician in HTA as well as Lead Statistical Programmer for large international cross-sectional studies. He had the chance to work with amazing multi-professional and multi-national teams in health studies with impact.

Passionate about working on projects with positive impact for patients and society. He loves to learn new things and have personal development.

Proficient in using SAS/R for data analysis as well as using CDISC data standards

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I want to help the community of statisticians, data scientists, programmers and other quantitative scientists to be more influential, innovative, and effective. I believe that as a community we can help our research, our regulatory and payer systems, and ultimately physicians and patients take better decisions based on better evidence.

I work to achieve a future in which everyone can access the right evidence in the right format at the right time to make sound decisions.

When my kids are sick, I want to have good evidence to discuss with the physician about the different therapy choices.

When my mother is sick, I want her to understand the evidence and being able to understand it.

When I get sick, I want to find evidence that I can trust and that helps me to have meaningful discussions with my healthcare professionals.

I want to live in a world, where the media reports correctly about medical evidence and in which society distinguishes between fake evidence and real evidence.

Let’s work together to achieve this.