During my early years, I was overwhelmed by so many trainings, SOPs, and processes. Only after my later years, I learned what quality is really about. Gary fundamentally helped me and many others have a very different and more insightful/helpful/easy perspective on this topic.

Listen and learn while we talk about the following points:
  • During your first years in the industry – how did you think about quality? What did it mean to you?
  • What are the key parts of quality today for you?
  • How does this understanding of quality differ from being compliant to SOPs?
  • Have you seen an example where a person was compliant to SOPs but didn’t deliver quality?
  • How can we increase quality as defined in this episode in our organization?

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Gary Sullivan, PhD

Leadership Specialist

Gary is currently consults as a Leadership Specialist and Statistical Scientist for my company Espirer Consulting since March, 2018. Before this, he was the Senior Director for Non-Clinical Statistics at Eli Lilly and Company, where he worked for 28 years.  He also worked as a technical statistician in Non-Clinical Statistics for the first half of my career at Eli Lilly.

He led the development and instruction of the first leadership course at the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) of the American Statistical Association (ASA) in 2014..  He has provided leadership training to over 500 statisticians and data scientists, both at Eli Lilly and within the ASA. In addition, he has authored several articles and a book chapter on leadership for statisticians.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the University of Pittsburgh, and both a Master’s and Doctorate in Statistics from Iowa State University. 

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I want to help the community of statisticians, data scientists, programmers and other quantitative scientists to be more influential, innovative, and effective. I believe that as a community we can help our research, our regulatory and payer systems, and ultimately physicians and patients take better decisions based on better evidence.

I work to achieve a future in which everyone can access the right evidence in the right format at the right time to make sound decisions.

When my kids are sick, I want to have good evidence to discuss with the physician about the different therapy choices.

When my mother is sick, I want her to understand the evidence and being able to understand it.

When I get sick, I want to find evidence that I can trust and that helps me to have meaningful discussions with my healthcare professionals.

I want to live in a world, where the media reports correctly about medical evidence and in which society distinguishes between fake evidence and real evidence.

Let’s work together to achieve this.