Leadership is one of the most important aspects of any organization, and statistics is no exception. Good leadership can help a field grow and shape the future, while bad leadership can lead to stagnation or even ruin. In this episode, we discuss what leadership means for statisticians, how we develop our own leadership style, and how it helps us continue to move forward in our careers.

Join Alun Bedding and me while we answer these questions:

What made Alun decide to focus on leadership?
What are the advantages of practicing good leadership for statisticians?
How to be an effective leader and motivator?
How did Alun and I got equipped in training others to be effective leaders?

We also talk about the following interesting points:

  • Get formal learning about leadership and reflect on it
  • Get a professional coach to get proper guidance and feedback
  • You learn by being proactive and by practicing the 7 habits of highly effective people
  • Deeply know your WHY before you start leading your team (see the book by Simon Sinek)
  • Review the fundamentals of leadership from time to time
  • Own the mistakes of the team
  • Do not micromanage
  • Motivate others to be leaders too
  • Giving your full trust to your team plays a big role to their success
  • and more….

Links and references:

Here is a link to Aluns other podcast appearance talking about his journey as a coach (Link).

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Alun Bedding

Global Head of Methods, Collaboration and Outreach at Roche

He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years and has been a leader in the industry for 20 years.  He is a Chartered Statistician for the Royal Statistical Society and a Board of Directors Member for PSI.  He is also a member of the UK Medical Research Council Experimental Medicine funding panel.  He is also an accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation.

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I want to help the community of statisticians, data scientists, programmers and other quantitative scientists to be more influential, innovative, and effective. I believe that as a community we can help our research, our regulatory and payer systems, and ultimately physicians and patients take better decisions based on better evidence.

I work to achieve a future in which everyone can access the right evidence in the right format at the right time to make sound decisions.

When my kids are sick, I want to have good evidence to discuss with the physician about the different therapy choices.

When my mother is sick, I want her to understand the evidence and being able to understand it.

When I get sick, I want to find evidence that I can trust and that helps me to have meaningful discussions with my healthcare professionals.

I want to live in a world, where the media reports correctly about medical evidence and in which society distinguishes between fake evidence and real evidence.

Let’s work together to achieve this.