There’s a lot of community charity work we can all do but there is not a lot of work where we can maximise our impact by using our specific skills as programmers, as statisticians, and as data scientists.

Stay tuned as we talk about these helpful points:
  • How Karrie got into helping charities with data science
  • What typical challenges charities have
  • What are the differences of other organisations which provide help to charities?
  • What should a statistician/programmer or data scientist do to help you move forward?

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Karrie Liu

Freelance Mathematician at Hypatia Analytics

Karrie Liu is the founder of Hypatia Analytics Ltd and dedicated analytics consultant with 10+ years of experience in UK healthcare and life sciences, focused on providing additional value to clients through driving end-to-end consulting engagements to enable business transformation through impactful and actionable insights.

Karrie sets up Hypatia Analytics in 2019, in hope of to get the balance between working as data scientist in corporate assignments and spending time into pro bono projects and charities. She believes data are at the heart of better decision-making and is important to apply these insights into their planning.

Karrie was also speakers at women in Data event and the winner of the top 100 women in tech 2019, she wishes to show everyone that in spite of one’s culture’s prejudices or biases, it is still possible to build a network of support and to campaign the matter and start to make a positive impact from senior management.

More about Karie:

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I want to help the community of statisticians, data scientists, programmers and other quantitative scientists to be more influential, innovative, and effective. I believe that as a community we can help our research, our regulatory and payer systems, and ultimately physicians and patients take better decisions based on better evidence.

I work to achieve a future in which everyone can access the right evidence in the right format at the right time to make sound decisions.

When my kids are sick, I want to have good evidence to discuss with the physician about the different therapy choices.

When my mother is sick, I want her to understand the evidence and being able to understand it.

When I get sick, I want to find evidence that I can trust and that helps me to have meaningful discussions with my healthcare professionals.

I want to live in a world, where the media reports correctly about medical evidence and in which society distinguishes between fake evidence and real evidence.

Let’s work together to achieve this.