PSI Careers Episode 7: Opportunities offered by doing a placement year in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry (Part 2 – Programmers)

Following on from 2019’s series, we again collaborate with PSI Careers to bring two new episodes, this time discussing the opportunities offered by doing a placement year in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry.

We chat with placement students from a diverse range of education backgrounds (from Mathematics and Statistics through to Computer science and Bioengineering) about their experiences during the past year, covering such topics as their motivation for doing a placement year, skills and knowledge gained, and the impact of the ongoing COVID pandemic. The students also share their recommendations and tips for anyone thinking of doing a placement year.

The second episode concentrates on the programmer role:

Tofah Gaibie
Cameron Boddy
Keoni Southwick

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This podcast series is in association with the PSI Careers committee, who are responsible for promoting careers in medical statistics.

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