Does Multi-tasking help or harm you?
How could you handle the desire to multitask more effectively?
What fallacies about multitasking does the world currently believe?
Are there ways to be more productive other than multitasking?
How does focus change the way we function in any form of industry?

This podcast gives you an idea of what multitasking is, how it has changed the way people work through time, and how it has created more problems than solving issues as expected.

The information we share in this podcast will help you become more productive and understand the application of multitasking in a much better light. Here are some lessons we want to impart through this podcast:

  • Multitasking destroys your productivity more than build it up.
  • Focus takes practice before it gives you the outcome that you want from the tasks that you give attention to.
  • It is best to complete one task after another instead of doing them all at once.
  • Statistical research requires focus to achieve accuracy.
  • Understanding how to manage time is better than multitasking on several tasks and is more effective than accomplishing all job orders altogether.

This podcast is certainly something that can help everyone in every different industry within and outside the field of statistics.

You’ll learn a lot from this episode and apply them to your own tasks and share it with others as well.

Head on to The Effective Statistician now and increase your productivity today.

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