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Quick tips to be more effective

Being more effective as a statistician has many dimensions. On this page, I’m giving you insights into my personal tool box of being an effective statistician. Each of these short blog posts provides you with an actionable, quick to implement tip to grow your effectiveness.

How to be an effective statistician

You as a statistician work effectively if you get the right things done in the right way at the right time. A statistician needs to exhibit strengths in four different areas to be effective:

Free resources on visualization

Do you know what makes the famous Johns Hopkins COVID dashboard effective? Do you want to learn how journalists effectively communicate COVID data? We are threatened by COVID-19, but we united ourselves behind a common concept: flatten the curve. This visualization influenced politicians, journalists, and everybody else. What can we as statisticians learn from this?

Free resources on influencing

As statisticians, we are logical thinkers and understand the numbers and facts. Yet, we can struggle to convince our study teams, governance boards or management to act accordingly. Influence and persuading others can be challenging, frustrating and draining. Frequently, it’s simply not enough to be right!

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