Reine Escalona

Learnings from the COVID crisis for statisticians

As statisticians, we are one of the most capable professionals to understand and to relay the right information to the general public about the most talked-about situation – the Corona Virus. In today’s episode, I want to express what’s on my mind and on my heart about this topic. It’s a bit of an unusual …

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Data visualization – the often overlooked basics

Episode 1 Why is visualization so important? How do you determine the goal of visualization?What is the big difference between explanatory visualization and exploratory visualization? In today’s episode, I review the different things you need to consider in creating an effective data visualization when presenting, which is the following:

Wonderful Wednesdays – Data Visualization

Interview with Rachel Phillips and Mark Baillie Do you effectively communicate complex data? How can visualization help you when you aree analyzing data? reporting data? What initiatives and groups work on this topic and will help you? In today’s episode, we talk about the advantages of using visualizations when analyzing and communicating data. We also discuss the …

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